Bring a little Hollywood

to your Business

The written word has less impact in today’s world as On-Line videos have taken the lead in promoting business.

Whether you’re building complex industrial systems or selling hand made greeting cards, meeting the challenges of advertising your products and services to a broad audience has become an increasingly demanding effort.

In olden days, Television commercials were well beyond the budget of most businesses.


But today, the internet has leveled the playing field. It costs little to nothing to have a video presence online and reach an audience worldwide.

From Concept to Completion. From Script to Screen.


TAK Productions West is your one stop shop to visualize your company's message and tell your story... Hollywood Style!


How do I make a professional looking video within my budget?

TAK Productions West has the solution. From script to screen.


We are a one stop shop specializing in Corporate & Industrial videos for Web Site, Social Media, Broadcast, In-House and Advertising applications.

  • Script development and writing services

  • 3D Product Visualization

  • 3D Animation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Video Production

  • Video Post Production

We will create visually compelling videos that tell your story at affordable prices for any size business!